MIB2p by Alpine and Delphi



Don't follow but lead. Constantly working on a new ways to solve issues that others consider impossible. Always working on the latests models.

  • S Mode for Audi Virtual dash
  • Online map update
  • Unit recovery


Don't copy but create. The first to create Delphi units region change and activation possible. Again first to make possible unlock the real power of the new Alpine units w/o removing anything from the unit.

  • MIB2p made by Alpine
  • MIB2p made by Delphi


We continue to support you in every step. When there is a problem we are there to solve it. Factory warranty remains intact. Dealer may never tell that the unit have modified software running on it.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Flexible solutions
  • Warranty

Our Services

Region conversion

When the car is imported from other sales region the infotainment unit needs to be converted so the right languages are displayed and correct map can be installed. Radio needs to be converted too so the frequency step is the right one.

Brand conversion

If you have Porsche / Audi / VW / Bentley MIB2p unit and want to change Brand from one to the other - we can do that too.


Activation of blocked functions. Disabling component protection w/o errors in diagnosis.

Our Works

Just some of our works.